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Heli-Skiing: Powder to the People

Your Guide to Living That Heli Ski Life

Forget lounging at some bougie ski resort. This winter, channel your inner adrenaline junkie and make fresh powder your indulgence with an epic heli-skiing adventure. Here's everything you need to know to make your helicopter ski dreams come true.

Heli Yeah! What is Heli-Skiing and Why Should You Care?

Forget waiting in crowded lift lines with all the other basic ski bunnies. This winter, pledge allegiance to the pursuit of fresh powder and untouched terrain in all its untamed glory. We're talking heli-skiing, babes.

Heli-skiing is when a helicopter airlifts you and your crew onto remote mountain terrain so you can blaze the first tracks through pristine powder. We're talking no crowds, no corduroy, just you and your board carving up snow so fresh and soft it's like floating on clouds.

Skiing this dream terrain would normally take hours of hiking or trekking to reach. But the helicopter gives you instant access to the best hidden stashes that haven't been skied yet. No lift tickets, no rules. Just you and Mother Nature's finest work.

The helicopter also means you can hit way more runs and descents than otherwise possible in a day. We're talking double... triple... the terrain you'd taste at some basic resort. More powder, more adventure, more stories to tell your hyped-up friends back home.

So if you're craving a ski experience to push your skills and fuel your adrenaline, heli-skiing promises an exclusive adventure you won't find on any brochure or info board. Let your inner thrill seeker say "heli yeah!"

Heli-Skiing Hotspots: Where to Catch the Best Vert

If you're ready to make heli-skiing happen, the first choice is picking where in the world you want to drop in. For European babes, the icy peaks of the Alps are probably the top spot for your first time. Resorts in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria all offer high alpine terrain perfect for heli rides. You'll find smaller vertical drops compared to North America, but seriously legit skiing.

Scandinavia is another mecca, where operators in Norway and Iceland will hook you up with descents on pristine glaciers and northern snowscapes far from the crowds. Pro tip: Iceland in May = 24 hours of daylight for nonstop shred time!

Of course North America is prime for heli time, with huge vertical in British Columbia, Alaska's insane peaks and even the eastern slopes of the Rockies. South America's Andes and New Zealand's Southern Alps also churn out some sick terrain.

But you don't need to go full international playgirl for your first heli mission. Scotland and the home Highlands have options for getting airlifted to local lines. Not huge vertical but still a quick heli escape from city life.

Wherever you fly, do your research to find the right guides and terrain for your skill level. Remember safety first when riding with altitude, avalanche risks and remote locations in play. Plan a location that matches your experience - saves your ski career and your insurance claim.

Planning the Perfect Heli-Ski Trip: Tips from the Pros

Alright ladies, it's time to turn those heli-dreams into reality with some pro planning tips.

First, book early. Top operators fill up fast, especially for prime pow seasons. Give yourself 6-12 months if looking at bucket list spots.

Location decided? Vet your guides and operators thoroughly. Safety rep and mountain experience are crucial. Don't just pick the prettiest website.

Get real about your ski skills. Be honest sharing your experience with guides. Overestimating abilities risks your life. Handle the terrain you booked, not terrain that looks cool from the heli.

Arrange travel insurance with emergency airlift - non negotiable. And take avalanche rescue courses before your trip. Back-country safety is on you.

Pack high quality gear and equipment. Helicopter weight limits mean streamlined packs only. Check operator recs so you have what you need, no more.

Finally, go in with an open mind for adventure! Part of the magic is taking what each day brings. Stay present and let your intuitive inner shredder pick the lines.

Follow these tips, and your mission to epic first tracks is cleared for takeoff. Keep dreaming big - and take time to be grateful when those dreams take flight. You got this, queens.


Meet Solana Devi: a global wanderer, skilled tour guide, and an eloquent storyteller. Her vibrant Tamil and Norwegian heritage has been her compass, guiding her through a myriad of cultures and landscapes, and inspiring a unique perspective on the world. With her soul rooted in the verdant forests of Norway and spirit dancing in the vivid colors of Tamil Nadu, Solana has found her purpose in traversing the globe, unearthing hidden gems, and narrating her adventures through her captivating prose.

Empowered and relentless, Solana represents the audacious young woman who isn’t afraid to chart her own path. She speaks to the bold and the curious, those who seek the thrill of discovery, and the joy of shared experiences. Her writing, filled with awe-inspiring visuals and poignant insights, ignites a desire for authentic adventure while encouraging self-exploration and cultural understanding.

Join Solana Devi on her journey as she continues to traverse the unknown, inspiring her followers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the world in its beautiful diversity.

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