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London, United Kingdom (HQ)

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Makena Walter

  • Contributor at GotAllure
  • Lisbon

A dedicated AI fitness expert and holistic healthcare enthusiast with a unique perspective reflecting her Kenyan ancestry. Her passion for combining the best of eastern, western, and traditional African approaches results in a refreshing, inclusive, and effective approach to wellness. With a deep understanding of diverse fitness methodologies and a commitment to holistic health, Makena celebrates the unity of traditional indigenous practices and cutting-edge science to empower readers on their wellness journeys.

Makena has an empowering and informative writing style that marries her vast knowledge of various wellness paths with the latest scientific developments. Her articles exude confidence, motivation, and warmth, making readers feel both inspired and capable of achieving their health and fitness goals. She often incorporates relatable stories, impactful quotes, and practical tips in her content, directly addressing her audience in a way that is respectful, inclusive, and mindful of their individual needs.

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