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How Hatch Enterprise Supports Female Entrepreneurs and Minority Founders

Hatch Enterprise provides tailored support and funding to help underrepresented entrepreneurs, especially women and minority founders, successfully start and scale impact-driven businesses. Programme Manager Anu Chandy shares what drives Hatch's mission and culture.

From Candle Queen to Empowering Entrepreneurs: Anu Chandy of Kera London

Kera London founder Anu Chandy shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey, from starting a homemade candle business to supporting female founders. Learn how she overcame perfectionism, stayed motivated, and lives her best life while running a purpose-driven brand.

The Elite Circle: Inside London's Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs

From upscale co-working to A-list entertainment, get the inside scoop on London's most elite, invite-only social clubs where the rich and powerful mix, mingle, and unlock opportunities.

The Gen Z Guide to Online Advertising on a Budget - Exclusive Interview with Ad Expert Jo Francis

Get the inside scoop on mastering online advertising and email marketing from expert Jo Francis. With over a decade of experience under her belt, Jo shares invaluable lessons on budget-friendly tactics, common mistakes to avoid, and key trends to leverage as an entrepreneur. Don't miss her brilliant advice for creating high-converting funnels and campaigns that attract your ideal audience.

Your September Business Calendar: The UK's Top Events for Ambitious Young Female Entrepreneurs

This September, level up your entrepreneurial journey with our calendar of trailblazing women in business events across the UK. From masterminds to pitch clinics to networking mixers, find the perfect activities to gain funding, inspiration, community and more.

Empowering Connections: Tips for Planning Events to Support Female Entrepreneurs

While women are starting businesses in exciting numbers, meaningful community building and networking opportunities remain scarce. That's why events specifically crafted for female founders can be so empowering. This article provides tips on how to organize a highly impactful event for women in business. You'll learn how to shape purposeful experiences that uplift female entrepreneurs through empowering connections.

Girl Bosses of the Future - Connect with the Entrepreneurs Collective

Turn your big ideas into reality with the Entrepreneurs Collective. This organization runs events to help female founders build connections, get funding, and learn from experts. Whether you're just starting out or running an empire, their community will support your growth. Join the girl boss revolution today.

Level Up Your Network: 5 Ultra-Exclusive Member Clubs for Ambitious Young Women

Soho House getting a bit stale? We uncover 5 ultra-exclusive, members-only clubs perfect for ambitious young women looking to network with elites at the top of their game. From discretionary havens frequented by royalty to edgy celebrity hotspots, these are the next-level venues where you could meet your perfect mentor or collaborator. Ready to level up?

The Tech Engineer with a Creative Soul: Natalie Godec on Balancing Work and Passion

Natalie Godec went from studying engineering to professional dancing and back to a successful tech career. Today, she has an impressive career as a cloud architect, but she also makes time for creative pursuits like photography. Learn how Natalie gained confidence, overcame challenges as a woman in tech, and found her way to balance a demanding career with doing what she loves. Walk away inspired and with advice on pursuing your ambitions, even in difficult circumstances.

Breaking AI Barriers: A Conversation with Aicha Harrach, the Young Lady on a Mission to Empower Gen Z Women in Tech

Dive into our exclusive interview with Aicha Harrach, an aspiring data science and AI entrepreneur with a mission to foster gender equality in the tech industry. Learn about her initiative, FemInnovate, and discover how she's leveraging Artificial Intelligence to create an environment where women's voices are not only heard but celebrated. Tag along as she discusses her professional journey, the future implications of AI, and shares valuable advice for young women interested in this ever-evolving field.

Empire State of Mind: Support from the Female Entrepreneur Association

Level up and transform your big ideas into a booming business! Say hello to the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA), a global hub for young moguls like you looking to make their mark. Inside this must-read piece, we'll take you on an exciting journey, exploring how FEA is revolutionizing the business world for women around the globe. Discover how their resources, masterclasses, and an incredibly supportive community can help you build the empire of your dreams. Whether you're a side-hustler, a full-time business owner, or just toying with the idea of starting up, FEA has got you covered. So, ladies, it's time to swap those 'what ifs' for 'watch me' — your success story starts right here!

Unlocking Success for First-time Female Founders: A Deep Dive into Hatch Enterprise's Programs and Opportunities

If you're a Gen Z woman with a business idea, this article is a must-read to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and build a business you love! Dive into this engaging exploration of Hatch Enterprise, a game-changer in the entrepreneurial scene designed to unlock the potential of underrepresented founders. We shine a light on the various forms of support Hatch provides, from funding opportunities to mentorship and networking, and how they're helping women turn their business dreams into reality. You'll discover how Hatch's tailored programmes and resources cater to every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Creating Cash: The Boss Babe’s Guide To Value Creation and Profits

Your must-read roadmap to skyrocketing your income through ingenious value-boosting strategies. Discover the secrets behind transforming your unique skills and passions into cash magnets, tapping into affluent target markets, and amplifying your venture's allure. Chock-full of practical advice and personal insights this article is your ticket to breaking glass ceilings and joining the elite ranks of fellow Gen Z female entrepreneurs who are turning their value creation prowess into enviable financial success. Dive in, and let's make it rain!

The Ultimate Event Guide for Female Entrepreneurs : Spring / Summer 2023

Ladies, it's time to level up your business game with these unmissable events for female entrepreneurs! Discover workshops, networking opportunities, and webinars geared towards your unique needs, aspirations, and goals. From mastering the art of pitching to securing essential funding and turning your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality, we've got all the info you need to bag a seat at the table. Get ready to connect with like-minded boss babes, glean wisdom from industry insiders, and build your powerhouse personal brand. Plus, did we mention most of these events are absolutely FREE?

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