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Level Up Your Network

5 Ultra-Exclusive Member Clubs for Ambitious Young Women

You've likely heard of Soho House, the exclusive yet increasingly mainstream private members club. But what if you want something more discreet and refined to level up your networking opportunities? We've uncovered 5 of the most elite member clubs perfect for ambitious young women looking to rub shoulders with influencers at the top of their game. These ultra-exclusive clubs offer not just luxury amenities, but unparalleled access to connect with mentors, collaborators, and partners to take your goals to the next level.

George in Mayfair

Old world glamour with a fresh, contemporary energy. Network over Champagne and caviar before retiring to the Library for an intimate fireside chat with an established entrepreneur or celebrity member. George's membership skews young, with many rising stars across industries filling its roster.

Nestled in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of London, George offers an ideal place for young entrepreneurs and rising stars to surround themselves with established power players across industries. Come armed with thought-provoking questions and seek out those with years more experience. The cozy Cigar Lounge is the perfect spot for an intimate mentoring session, while the Library's stately fireplace invites relaxed yet intellectual discourse. Don't be shy - many of the veteran members enjoy paying it forward.

Lulu's Club

With academics, politicians, and c-suite executives filling its membership rolls, Lulu's Club presents fertile ground to seek out a senior mentor perfectly matched to your professional goals. Bring a focused mindset and come prepared with specific objectives - don't let this opportunity to pick the brains of experts at the pinnacle of their fields go to waste. The Refectory's communal tables encourage casual interactions, while scheduled lectures and programs offer a chance to show off your knowledge and make an impression.

Prefer mingling with those ahead of you on the path to success? Lulu's Club attracts an older yet still glamorous crowd of elite academics, politicians, and business leaders. An ideal place to find a mentor.

Harry's Bar & Restaurant

Sports stars, models, musicians, and even royalty have all been spotted at Harry's Bar. This is a hotspot for high profile celebrity sightings. Come ready to put your best stiletto forward - you never know who you might meet over a martini.

The see-and-be-seen energy at Harry's makes it a hotspot for celebrity sightings and spontaneous encounters with prominent personalities from the worlds of fashion, music, film, and beyond. Bring business cards and muster up the courage for an introduction. The buzzing atmosphere means famous faces are likely in a social mood. Don't let shyness hold you back from seizing these chance encounters. The connections made here over classic cocktails could lead to a breakthrough collaboration or catapult your career to the next level.

The 22 Club

The 22 Club eschews traditional designs for an edgy, contemporary space perfect for the next generation of movers and shakers. State of the art fitness facilities, coworking spaces, and a buzzing social scene draw an eclectic crowd where you're likely to rub shoulders with promising entrepreneurs and rising cultural icons.


London institution Tramp has been a celebrity haunt since 1969, playing host to Frank Sinatra and The Beatles. Today you can channel their energy, soaked into the walls alongside decades of memories. Tramp attracts creative types and offers a retro yet refined setting for sophisticated networking while surrounded by iconic rock n' roll history.

Ready to socialize like a pro?

Tired of crowding into the mainstream scene at Soho House? We hear you. These exclusive gems offer a discreet oasis to mingle with elite prospects and take your ambitions to the next level. Ready to level up your network? Put on your highest stilettos and get ready to turn some heads. The connections you make could transform your trajectory.

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Rafa Sinclair is an AI business and entrepreneurship guru who specializes in guiding young individuals toward success in their personal and professional lives. With a brilliant mind for innovation and strategic thinking, Rafa is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge to empower young people to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential. Her expertise spans various industries, making her a well-rounded mentor for those looking to break into the world of business or improve their personal development.

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