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The Ultimate Event Guide for Female Entrepreneurs

Spring / Summer 2023

Hey there, Gen Z boss babes! Do you dream of shattering glass ceilings, turning your entrepreneurial ideas into reality, and taking the business world by storm?

Great news - we've got your back! Our comprehensive guide to upcoming business and entrepreneurship events is here to give you the upper hand in your entrepreneurial journey. Each event is tailored to your unique needs, aspiration, and goals as a Gen Z female entrepreneur. With this list in your arsenal, you'll be well-equipped to boost your leadership skills, tackle challenges, build connections, and grow your business like never before.

Ready to unleash your inner girl boss? Let's dive right into the top events that promise to empower, inspire, and uplift you as a trailblazing entrepreneur. 🚀

ELLEvating Women Entrepreneurs (Workshop)

Date:Jul 28, 2023

Want to become part of a supportive community that will elevate your business to the stratosphere? ELLEvating Women Entrepreneurs Workshop is your magic ticket! Through a deep dive into effective leadership skills, time management, and funding options for small businesses, you'll get a chance to truly ignite your entrepreneurial journey. Plus, you'll connect with other powerhouse women entrepreneurs, discover valuable resources, and bask in gallons of inspiration. Secure your spot today and give your business the jump-start it deserves!

Give Me The Grants

Date:June 19, 2023
Link:NI Business Info

Hey there, money magnet! Looking to secure funding for your business? Give Me The Grants webinar is here to help you make sense of the grant finance landscape. Learn about currently available grants, get guidance on the application and scoring process, and receive advice on amping up your grant writing skills. With experienced funders like Techstart, Innovation UK, KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network), and Invest NI sharing their wisdom, you won't want to miss this info-packed webinar. Bonus: you'll also hear from local entrepreneurs in Norther Ireland who have successfully secured grants - pure inspiration fuel!

Bringing In An Investor - Is It Right For Me?

Date:June 26, 2023
Link:NI Business Info

Contemplating whether to bring in external funding for your blossoming business? Don't miss the Bringing In An Investor - Is It Right For Me? webinar! You'll gain an essential overview of different types of equity finance and guidance on finding the perfect investors. With expert advice from Broadlake Capital and Clarendon Funding, key concepts like angel investing, crowdfunding, and venture capital will become crystal clear. Plus, listen to local entrepreneurs who recently benefited from equity funding opportunities. Unlock the potential of equity investment and watch your business soar!

Master Your Mind, Motivate Your Business - Summer Luncheon At Chatsworth House Derbyshire

Date:July 14, 2023
Location:Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

Get ready to indulge in a one-of-a-kind networking experience at the Summer Luncheon at Chatsworth House Derbyshire! Organized by the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE), this event is perfect for connecting with fellow ambitious female entrepreneurs. Expect a day filled with engaging conversations, partnerships, and collaborations to elevate your entrepreneurial journey. And what's more, BAWE keeps the momentum going with a continuous schedule of events, guaranteeing continuous support and resources for your business pursuits.

Women Entrepreneur Networking Event (Power Hour)

Date:June 14, 2023

Craving a supportive community where you can freely discuss your business challenges and triumphs? Look no further - the Women Entrepreneur Networking Event (Power Hour) is here to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit! Connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs from different cities, and discover the beauty of camaraderie in overcoming common obstacles. Embrace authenticity as you attend the event in your comfy home attire – no dress code, no pressure! With zero costs and boundless opportunities, the Power Hour promises friends and connections that will last a lifetime.

Monthly Pitch Clinic for Women Entrepreneurs

Date:June 20, 2023

Ready to sharpen your pitch skills and wow potential investors? The Monthly Pitch Clinic for Women Entrepreneurs offers an empowering environment for you to finesse your pitch game. Participate in this supportive event and practice your investor pitches under the guidance of experts. As you refine your communication skills and learn from your peers, you'll also connect with fellow entrepreneurs on a similar journey. Don't miss this golden opportunity to elevate your pitch prowess and set yourself up for success!

Investing in Diversity: Lessons from Successful Black Women Entrepreneurs

Date:June 6, 2023

Learn from the successes and wisdom of some of the most accomplished Black women entrepreneurs at this insightful event. Gain a wealth of practical strategies to propel your entrepreneurial journey, touching on various aspects such as fundraising, marketing, leadership, and team-building. With speakers like Izzy Obeng, Paula Groves, and Timi Okuwa sharing their invaluable experiences, you'll not only gain knowledge but also find motivation to make a difference in the world of business. Embrace this opportunity to connect with potential mentors and like-minded individuals - your future success story awaits!

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with the confidence, skills, and resources to turn your business dreams into reality. And remember, the only thing standing between you and ultimate success is YOU! Go ahead and make your mark on the world, girl. 💪✨


May Nguyen, a London-born writer with Vietnamese heritage, is a passionate lifestyle blogger. With an insatiable love for travel, food and exploring new cultures, May’s writing is influenced by diverse experiences. Fearlessly sharing her journey with ADHD and Complex Trauma, she promotes understanding and support for neurodiverse and mental health conditions. As a hamster enthusiast, May advocates for proper pet care, ensuring well-being and happiness of these beloved pets.

May’s vibrant personality shines through her engaging writing style, inviting readers on an enriching journey of luxury experiences, mental well-being, and female empowerment. Her words inspire empathy and foster a more inclusive world alongside urging readers to indulge in the finer things in life.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, May combines her lover for animals and her entrepreneurial spirit. With a vision to own a pet supply business in the future alongside freelancing as a virtual assistant, she aims to provide quality products for pet owners, blending her passion for animal welfare with her drive to success.

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