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London, United Kingdom (HQ)


The Elite Circle

Inside London's Most Exclusive Private Members' Clubs

Joining a prestigious private members club offers far more than posh facilities and drinking companions. For those willing and able to pay the fees, acceptance unlocks opportunities for elite networking, mentoring and deal-making that can catalyse careers and fortunes.

By mingling in London's most sought-after clubs, members can build an invaluable network of influential high society contacts. The world inside these exclusive clubs makes the access fees worthwhile for ambitious professionals and creatives. You may have already heard of Soho House, but here we reveal some other clubs worth exploring where the well-heeled rub shoulders and make connections.

The 22

The 22 Club grants access to those in fashion for a £2,200 initiation and £4,400 annual fees.

Its Mayfair townhouse features a recording studio, rooftop pool and Ned's Club boutique hotel for member accommodations. Interiors by designer Tara Bernerd feature modern art and sleek, youthful aesthetics. Members like supermodel Naomi Campbell, entrepreneur Elon Musk and singer Ellie Goulding mix with artists and young creatives at exclusive launch parties, talks, and other member events.

The 22 Club offers a hipper, relaxed alternative for networking and socializing compared to more traditional clubs.

Ned's Club boutique hotel offers exclusive accommodations for traveling members and their guests. The design mixes vintage furniture with rock'n'roll chic accents. Staying overnight allows for total immersion into the club's ethos of youth, creativity and connection. Members who take advantage of the full Ned's Club experience unlock even more opportunity for networking after-hours in an intimate, privileged setting.

The 22 Club, Mayfair

"I love recording at The 22 Club's studio and playing their secret sessions. The members are so passionate about music." -- Ed Sheeran


Tramp Nightclub

Tramp, London

"I spent many late nights dancing at Tramp in the 1960s during my modeling days in London." -- Twiggy


Tramp Nightclub has attracted everyone from rock royalty to actual royalty since founder Johnny Gold opened its doors in 1969. Legends like Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore and John Lennon have spent many late nights mingling in its retro, kitsch chambers.

Nestled deep in an alley in Mayfair, Tramp requires nomination by existing members and £1,500 in annual dues to access its exclusive world. For over 50 years, Tramp has been a place for the well-heeled and well-connected to mix and mingle in exclusive glamour.

The AllBright

At The AllBright, membership starts at £750 - £1500 annually for amenities aimed at urban professional women including co-working lounges, fitness studios, networking events and more.

With locations in multiple posh London neighborhoods, The AllBright offers a sleek space for entrepreneurs, media and arts personalities and other ambitious women to gather. Members like actresses Cressida Bonas, Joan Collins and designer Anya Hindmarch regularly take advantage of the modern dining rooms, blow dry bars, yoga classes and social clubs focused on connecting women across industries.

The AllBright provides an inspiring, designed-for-women base for networking, mentoring or simply unwinding after work.

The AllBright, London

"The AllBright is such an inspiring space. I always leave motivated after talking with other talented, driven women there." -- Victoria Beckham


The Sorority

The Sorority, London

"Lisa has created a wonderful network in The Sorority and it has been a pleasure working with her." -- H.H Princess Reema


Experience empowerment at The Sorority, an exclusive haven for accomplished women in trendy Covent Garden. Membership, priced at £1,100 yearly with a £500 one-time fee, is invitation-only, reserved for those showcasing exceptional expertise, achievements and value.

Here, networking transcends boundaries, fostering collaborations among luminaries like world champion sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, The White Company's founder, Chrissie Rucker as well as H.H. Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities including co-working spaces and premium meeting rooms, the Sorority offers unmatched business opportunities, hosting regular events led by influential speakers and industry pioneers.


May Nguyen, a London-born writer with Vietnamese heritage, is a passionate lifestyle blogger. With an insatiable love for travel, food and exploring new cultures, May’s writing is influenced by diverse experiences. Fearlessly sharing her journey with ADHD and Complex Trauma, she promotes understanding and support for neurodiverse and mental health conditions. As a hamster enthusiast, May advocates for proper pet care, ensuring well-being and happiness of these beloved pets.

May’s vibrant personality shines through her engaging writing style, inviting readers on an enriching journey of luxury experiences, mental well-being, and female empowerment. Her words inspire empathy and foster a more inclusive world alongside urging readers to indulge in the finer things in life.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, May combines her lover for animals and her entrepreneurial spirit. With a vision to own a pet supply business in the future alongside freelancing as a virtual assistant, she aims to provide quality products for pet owners, blending her passion for animal welfare with her drive to success.

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