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London, United Kingdom (HQ)


The Tech Engineer with a Creative Soul

Natalie Godec on Balancing Work and Passion

Meet Natalie Godec - the tech engineer with a creative soul who's paving the way for women in her field.

With an impressive career as a senior cloud architect, Natalie is a self-proclaimed “unicorn” in the male-dominated realm of systems engineering. But she's also a talented photographer pursuing creative passion projects on the side.

In this exclusive interview for GotAllure, Natalie gives us an inside look at her journey to success in the tech industry while staying true to her multifaceted talents and interests.

We discover how Natalie navigates between photography and a career in tech without compromising on life. She opens up about gaining confidence as a woman in tech and finding work-life balance between career and artistic pursuits.

Natalie also shares a slice of her Ukrainian heritage and her meaningful volunteer work promoting Ukrainian culture in London.

Join us as we get to know this driven, spirited role model for young women chasing both vocational and creative dreams. Natalie shows us how to blend technical skills, compassion, resilience, and curiosity into one brilliant life.

Natalie, what drew you to a career in tech? Can you share a bit about your journey and how you ended up in your current role as a senior cloud architect?

I grew up with tech-oriented parents - my dad is an engineer and a physicist with his own business, and my mom was then the head of an all-male team of sysadmins at a government branch.

When I was 15, my parents asked what I wanted to do with my life. With their tech backgrounds in mind, I said I was interested in graphic design since I enjoyed creative pursuits like drawing and photography. To prepare me for a tech career, my mom brought me to work and had me build a computer from scratch by piecing together random parts - which didn't work at first due to a faulty RAM card!

Even though I didn't realize tech was male-dominated at the time, this early hands-on experience got me started down an engineering path. I went on to study systems engineering at university, which did open my eyes to the gender disparity. Out of around 70 students, there were only about 10 women in the program.

I discovered a passion for what is called DevOps, a passion for infrastructure and automation, and worked my way through Swiss and London-based companies in different industries, always bringing that drive with me.


From my days in uni, I've always said, I'm an engineer first and then everything else. That's kind of the attitude that I bring with me.

You mentioned being one of a small number of women studying engineering amongst 70 students. What was that experience like for you as a woman in a male-dominated field?

I was fortunate to not experience any overt sexism or discrimination in my studies or early career. I think growing up in Ukraine shielded me somewhat, as tech wasn't seen as overtly male dominated at the time.

My attitude has been to position myself as an engineer first. I know the value I can add, so I don't let doubts creep in.

There have been a couple funny instances where people assumed I was in a different role. At a tech meetup early in my role at Babylon Health, someone asked if I worked in marketing there! My recruiter laughed and clarified I was the engineer Natalie who builds the cloud.

I take those situations lightheartedly thanks to my self-confidence and the support I've had. Overall, being an engineer is central to my identity, so I haven't let gender define me.

Photography in particular teaches me to notice and appreciate beautiful or interesting details in the world that I may otherwise overlook in my busy day-to-day.

You clearly have many creative talents and interests outside of engineering, like photography, dance, and painting. How do you balance your demanding career with making time for those creative pursuits?

I need those creative outlets - they bring a different side of life to me and help me step away from work. Photography in particular teaches me to notice and appreciate beautiful or interesting details in the world that I may otherwise overlook in my busy day-to-day.

It can be tough to find the time and inspiration, especially when work gets very busy. I've learned not to force it when the inspiration isn't there. But when I do make time for photography or dance, it energizes me and helps me come back to work feeling inspired.

You grew up in Ukraine and still feel connected to your cultural heritage. Can you share something authentic that gives our readers a little taste of Ukraine?

One national symbol of Ukraine that I love is the stork. Storks nest on rooftops and lampposts, and their return each spring is a sign of hope and new life after the cold winter.

As a child, I learned that Ukraine's storks migrate each winter to warmer countries like Africa. It was surreal years later when I was in Kenya and saw Ukrainian storks spending their summer there!

I even have a tattoo of a stork on my arm, representing that feeling of hope. Despite Ukraine's difficult history and the war, the stork endures as a unifying symbol of resilience.

When asked about favorite Ukrainian songs, Natalie highlighted "Oleni" by TIK - a funny tune using wordplay about deer. She also recommends checking out two legendary Ukrainian bands: Boombox, a pioneering hip-hop group, and Okean Elzy, a rock band with widespread popularity.

Of course, Kalush Orchestra exploded in popularity after winning Eurovision 2021. But Natalie wants to shine a spotlight on Alyona Alyona, the first female rapper to make it big in Ukraine's music scene. Natalie describes her music as incredibly talented - a must-listen for those looking to discover authentic Ukrainian music.

You have been volunteering as an event photographer for the Ukrainian Institute in London. What has that experience been like for you?

Volunteering for the Ukrainian Institute has opened up many rewarding opportunities I wouldn't have otherwise had. I get to use my photography skills to help document their events focused on Ukrainian literature, art, film, and history.

It's been eye-opening to meet authors, filmmakers, and historians keeping Ukrainian culture alive in the diaspora. A highlight was photographing the screening of Slovo House: An Unfinished Novel by Taras Tomenko, a film based on the events of the famine (Holodomor) and the Executed Renaissance in the 1930s.

Meeting the director and the team behind the movie that touches me so personally was incredibly inspiring, and what's even more empowering is that I was able to bring a unique perspective to the discussion, as someone who grew up in the city and understands the aftermath of the events showed in the film. It's been nearly a century, and the consequences are still felt today.

The Institute also helps me stay connected to my heritage during this difficult time. Surrounding myself with smart, determined people committed to Ukraine's future sustains me and helps me share its stories. My voluntary work there has been incredibly meaningful on both a personal and professional level.

For those looking to get off the beaten path, the Veneto region in Italy and the Faroe Islands are two gems that will immerse you in nature and local culture. They are magical, rejuvenating destinations!

Since you've traveled quite a bit, what are some of your favorite underrated destinations in Europe or elsewhere that you'd recommend?

One of my favorite places in Europe is the Veneto region of Italy. While Venice is very popular, the entire region is so beautiful and charming. The people are warm, the scenery is stunning, and it's just a wonderful place to relax and rejuvenate.

I'd also highly recommend the Faroe Islands, a remote archipelago between Iceland and Norway. The rugged, dramatic landscapes feel almost supernatural with the force of the North Atlantic. It's a wild, sparsely populated place with a slower pace of life. You really feel small against the awesome power of nature there. The transportation consists of boats and helicopters!

For those looking to get off the beaten path, Veneto and the Faroe Islands are two gems that will immerse you in nature and local culture. They are magical, rejuvenating destinations.

You've mentioned having ADHD, which seems to be common among young people in tech fields. How has this impacted your career, and how do you manage it?

I don't officially have an ADHD diagnosis, but I resonate with many of the traits - like hyperfocus, struggling with distraction, and needing stimulation. I've unconsciously built routines and habits over the years that help me be productive.

Another thing prevalent among young people in tech is imposter syndrome. Even the most skilled engineers sometimes suffer from self-doubt. I find activities like public speaking help me overcome imposter syndrome, because I get immediate feedback that my knowledge provides value.

ADHD does lend itself well to the problem-solving nature of engineering. And realizing nearly everyone struggles with imposter syndrome makes me feel less alone. Being open about these challenges helps remove stigma so we can do our best work.

In tech, almost everyone has imposter syndrome, no matter how amazing they are. I’ve met some people who are just so good and they still suffer with imposter syndrome.

We Are Londoners

Beyond event photography, Natalie has a passion project called "WeAreLDNers" - a photo series portraying Londoners from countries around the world. As someone who moved to London herself, she loves capturing the diverse stories of how people end up calling London home. The portraits and interviews create a vibrant tapestry of the city's multicultural spirit. You can follow the project on Instagram @we.are.ldners.

If you'd like to arrange a photoshoot with Natalie, you can do so at her website ngodec.com or DM her on Instagram: @ouvessvit You can also follow Natalie on Twitter (X): @ouvessvit


Natalie Godec is a systems / DevOps / cloud / platform engineer passionate about building secure distributed systems using the most fitting tech. In the past few years she's grown a particular interest in data and security, and has recently taken the role of Senior Cloud Architect at a boutique cloud consultancy Zencore.

She's also a photographer, and enjoys taking portraits of people and cities. A Ukrainian based in London since 2017, she's been volunteering as the event photographer for the Ukrainian Institute London since summer 2022. When she's not thinking about the next thing in tech or editing photos, she enjoys travelling, tequila and designer bags.

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