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London, United Kingdom (HQ)


Culinary Adventures in West London

Six Must-Try World Cuisine Restaurants

Petrossian, South Kensington - An Epitome of Gourmet Luxury

Immerse yourself in the opulence and refinement of Petrossian South Kensington, situated directly opposite the iconic Michelin building. This extraordinary restaurant, deli, and boutique is the first London venture for the famed luxury brand, which traces its roots to Paris in 1920, and expansively boasts outlets in Brussels, New York, Las Vegas, and West Hollywood.

Stepping into Petrossian is like entering a lavish, teal-blue-hued haven where gastronomical dreams come true. The intimate café, with just 16 seats, pampers diners with exquisite gourmet offerings such as organic soft-boiled egg with Ossetra caviar, oven-baked potato crowned with caviar, truffle tartine, and the luxurious Petrossian croque, served with either caviar, truffle, or pata negra. Delight in sampling freshly made tarama or the smoked salmon sliced to order at the deli counter, and don't miss out on the extensive range of global caviars available for purchase, guided by the knowledgeable and attentive Petrossian staff.

Each dish at Petrossian is designed to indulge your senses, ensuring a luxurious gastronomic experience. Patrons rave about the caviar tasting, where one can explore the divine flavours of Petrossian Oscietra Tsar Imperial, Daurenki Tsar Imperial, and Beluga Tsar Imperial caviars, as well as smoked pike eggs – all delicately balanced with a bottle of Louis Roederer Brut. Innovative offerings like the delectable Burrata topped with caviar or the smoked salmon, praised for its next-level quality and presentation, are certain to have your taste buds singing.

So, if you're seeking an unforgettable culinary adventure, look no further than Petrossian South Kensington – an experience that transcends the ordinary and takes high-end dining to new heights.

Samaya Georgian Restaurant, Barnes: A Heartfelt Taste of Georgia

Bask in the rich flavours and traditions of authentic Georgian cuisine at Samaya Georgian Restaurant in Barnes. Revel in the restaurant's delightful ambiance, where stylish design meets warmth and comfort, enhanced by the sound of genuine Georgian music. Samaya provides the perfect ambiance for every dining experience, whether you're planning a solo meal, dining with family, or celebrating with a group of friends.

Any visit to Samaya is incomplete without indulging in their irresistible khinkali. These heavenly Georgian dumplings have been praised by many as the best in London. The menu offers a treasure trove of mouthwatering dishes, such as the delectable Adjarian Khachapuri, scrumptious authentic soups, and the irresistible honey cake. To elevate your meal, pair these dishes with one of the superb Georgian wines they offer, particularly the renowned Mukuzani (red) and Tsinandali (white). Not drinking? Try the Georgian lemonade!

As you explore the diverse offerings at Samaya Georgian Restaurant, be sure to try their famous Pkhali, a set of scrumptious Georgian walnut-based dips. Each variety, such as spinach or beetroot, welcomes a unique symphony of flavours that will thrill your palate and introduce you to a distinct aspect of Georgian cuisine. These nutritious, flavourful dips are a testament to the culinary creativity and rich heritage of Georgian cuisine and serve as the perfect complement to your meal, leaving you in awe of the gastronomic mastery found in each bite.

In addition to its delightful cuisine, Samaya prides itself on excellent service and friendly staff, always on-hand with genuine warmth and expertise. By the end of your visit, you will undoubtedly leave Samaya feeling satiated, delighted, and eager to return for another unforgettable taste of the rich Georgian culinary experience.

The Barbary, Marylebone: A Vibrant Journey Along the North Africa Coast

Set sail on a fascinating culinary adventure at The Barbary in Marylebone, where dishes inspired by the storied Barbary Coast consolidate the vibrant tapestry of North African and Mediterranean flavours. The restaurant boasts a lively atmosphere, pulsating with energy and the sound of an electro-pop soundtrack, making it an irresistible destination in the bustling heart of London.

The Barbary's intimate layout features 24 numbered stools encircling a zinc horseshoe bar, fostering a dynamic, communal dining experience that attracts an international, spirited clientele. While the drinks list is concise, it is anything but ordinary, with choices ranging from refreshing sake and sherry to an intriguing craft Australian vermouth, all carefully curated to complement your meal.

The food menu is a beautifully orchestrated selection of bold, sharing plates, allowing diners to discover a variety of flavours from across the Mediterranean coastline. Some standout dishes include the smoky, intense baba ghanoush, the deliciously tender octopus mashawsha, served with a delightful blend of chickpeas and mango pickle-spiked yogurt, and the Jaffa-style cauliflower, enlivened by lemon, tahini, and chili. Complete your meal with a choice of freshly blistered naan or sesame-flecked Jerusalem bagel, perfect for savouring every last drop of your dining experience.

Critics have heaped praises on dishes like the mashawsha, an octopus dish chargrilled to perfection and served with pomegranate molasses and spicy, garlicky, lemony chickpeas, and the pitta-pocket arayes, stuffed with tantalizing spiced lamb, which one reviewer likened to "celestial sausage rolls."

The Barbary's staff skillfully master the art of service in this fast-paced environment, providing genuine warmth and knowledgeable recommendations to ensure a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. And if you're fortunate, as the night comes to a close, you may even find a shot of arak on the house as a delightful farewell toast.

Kutir, Chelsea: A Modern Epicurean Expedition Through India's Rich Culinary Legacy

Discover a hidden gem tucked away on a tranquil Chelsea side street: Kutir, a small cottage offering a breathtaking culinary voyage led by Michelin-starred chef Rohit Ghai and Abhishake Sangwan. As you step inside this intimate townhouse, prepare to embark on a sensorial journey that pays homage to India's opulent heritage and wildlife through a menu that reimagines historic splendour and authentic flavours.

Kutir transcends the familiar Indian dining experiences, creatively reinterpreting traditional cuisine with innovative techniques and vegetarian and vegan-friendly offerings. Although the prices reflect the restaurant's commitment to luxury and exclusivity, each dish justifies the indulgence as an exquisite work of edible art.

Drawing from his vast experience cooking at India’s most respected hotels and exploring its unique wildlife sanctuaries, chef Rohit Ghai has crafted a menu that features "heritage-inspired cuisine of the most appetising kind." Highlights include stone bass on a bed of squid ink “tagliatelle,” the 24-hour roasted lamb rogan josh, and a comforting quail biryani, perfect for cozy evenings. Sharing plates, such as Ghai’s divine tandoori chicken served with lentils, create a paradoxical desire to both share and selfishly keep the dish for oneself.

As you relish Kutir's remarkable cuisine, don't overlook the alluring cocktail menu. Each expertly crafted libation adds another dimension to your dining experience, reaffirming that a visit to Kutir is indeed a journey well worth taking.

Lusin Mayfair: A Celebration of Authentic Armenian Flavours and Artistry

Experience the captivating charm and exquisite tastes of Armenian cuisine at Lusin Mayfair, the first Armenian restaurant in London's prestigious Mayfair district. This unforgettable culinary destination, created by the acclaimed Mira Foods group, showcases the vibrant Armenian heritage while infusing it with the influences of Eastern Europe and the Levant.

Inside Lusin, the alluring interiors reveal the incredible attention to detail that defines the restaurant experience. Designed by architect Maram Seddiq, the space is adorned with Armenian Tuff Stone sourced from the Armenian Mountains and features hand-carved pillars reminiscent of Armenian Khachkar. At Lusin, culinary artistry meets visual splendour, creating a multi-sensory dining adventure.

Led by 2 Michelin-star chef Marcel Ravin, Lusin's gastronomic concept harmoniously melds the rich traditions of Armenian cuisine with novel flavours inspired by special recipes crafted by Madam Anahid Doniguian, author of the Armenian Cookbook "Yepelou Arveste.”

Savour the exceptional Lobster Manti, a perennial crowd favourite, or the uniquely delicious Red Pilaf with Black Truffle. To complete your meal, indulge in the intricate layers of the Armenian Honey Cake – a sweet conclusion to a sublime dining experience.

Guests who have dined at Lusin rave about its beautiful interiors, unparalleled cuisine, and outstanding service, epitomized by this glowing review: "I visited Lusin for my birthday and had a wonderful experience! The food was incredible, especially the Cherry Kebab. The service was excellent, and the staff made my day extra special. Highly recommend."

At Lusin Mayfair, expect nothing less than an unparalleled dining experience that satisfies the senses, nourishes the soul, and leaves you yearning to return for more.

Pitanga, Notting Hill: A Heartwarming Homage to Nigerian Cuisine

Embrace the warmth and nostalgia of Nigerian cuisine at Pitanga in Notting Hill, where owner and chef Nky Iweka skillfully captures the essence of her homeland through traditional West African recipes and ingredients. Named after a small Nigerian cherry tree, Pitanga embodies the powerful connections we share with food and breathes new life into the rich culinary tapestry of Nigeria's 350 diverse ethnic groups.

At Pitanga, the passion for Nigerian cuisine is palpable in every dish, with the iconic jollof rice taking center stage as a delicious testament to the unique blend of tradition and modernity. Re-imagined as arancini-like rice balls, served with homemade chilli and mayo dip, the jollof rice unites classic and contemporary taste profiles and serves as a fitting introduction to the wider menu.

Signature dishes at Pitanga include the comforting Grandma Doreen’s Goat Curry atop a bed of white rice and beans, scrumptious Lamb, Chicken, or Steak Suya (grilled meat adorned with a robust, spicy rub of ginger, cloves, garlic, and African nutmeg), and the indulgent dessert Ogede – grilled bananas caressed by a palm wine reduction. For a truly authentic experience, don't miss the Full African Breakfast, abundant with sausage and bacon, honey beans, agege bread, plantains, and Nigerian scrambled eggs adorned with onion, tomato, and chilli.

Complement your meal with Nigerian Guinness or lagers and experience the unique flavours of palm wine for a true taste of Nigeria. Enjoy the welcoming atmosphere at Pitanga, complemented by a cozy outdoor space for private parties, and be sure to take advantage of their convenient takeaway service. Open Tuesdays to Sundays, Pitanga is a cherished retreat, weaving culinary magic and forging heartfelt connections through the universal language of food.

A beloved locale for the community, Pitanga's enchanting atmosphere creates lasting memories – perfectly encapsulated by one touching moment when a customer gifted Nky a Pitanga tree to celebrate the nurturing, unforgettable experience within the restaurant's walls.


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