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London, United Kingdom (HQ)

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Solana Devi

  • Contributor at GotAllure
  • Oslo

Meet Solana Devi: a global wanderer, skilled tour guide, and an eloquent storyteller. Her vibrant Tamil and Norwegian heritage has been her compass, guiding her through a myriad of cultures and landscapes, and inspiring a unique perspective on the world. With her soul rooted in the verdant forests of Norway and spirit dancing in the vivid colors of Tamil Nadu, Solana has found her purpose in traversing the globe, unearthing hidden gems, and narrating her adventures through her captivating prose.

Empowered and relentless, Solana represents the audacious young woman who isn’t afraid to chart her own path. She speaks to the bold and the curious, those who seek the thrill of discovery, and the joy of shared experiences. Her writing, filled with awe-inspiring visuals and poignant insights, ignites a desire for authentic adventure while encouraging self-exploration and cultural understanding.

Join Solana Devi on her journey as she continues to traverse the unknown, inspiring her followers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the world in its beautiful diversity.

The Latest from Solana Devi

Heli-Skiing: Powder to the People - Your Guide to Living That Heli Ski Life

Bored of groomed runs and crowded resorts? This season, go where very few skiers have gone before with the thrill of heli-skiing. From choosing your exotic mountain destination to planning the logistics, our guide has inside tips to make your helicopter ski dreams a reality. Say "heli yeah!" to untouched powder, stunning scenery, and the ultimate off-piste adventure.

London Calling Gen Z: Why the UK Capital is Still Europe's Hottest Cultural Destination

London has retained its ranking as the #1 cultural city in Europe. Find out how the vibrant metropolis has stayed on top through Brexit, Covid, war in Europe and more. Discover what makes London an alluring blend of tradition and cutting-edge creativity for Gen Z travelers. Get the inside scoop on why this dynamic hub keeps reinventing itself and its enduring magnetism.

The Italian Allure: How Italians Master the Art of Living Beautifully

Italy oozes beauty, style and sensory pleasures. From the artistry of the Renaissance to the elegance of Italian fashion and food, aesthetics are woven into the culture. Learn how Italian heritage and values prize aesthetics in everything from fine art to sleek cars, and discover how to awaken your inner Italian artist. We explore the roots of Italy's sensual allure, the diversity of its stunning landscapes, and tangible tips to embrace la dolce vita.

Monaco Summer: Experience La Dolce Vita in Monte Carlo

Escape to the French Riviera for a memorable Monte Carlo getaway. Lounge at the iconic Monte Carlo Casino and soak in the glamorous atmosphere. Sip sunset cocktails at the chic Mada Lounge while taking in stunning sea views. Unwind at the Solaire Lounge's poolside oasis with bubbly by Veuve Clicquot. Dine al fresco at the Monte Carlo Beach's Deck restaurant, known for fresh Mediterranean fare. Pamper yourself with relaxing spa treatments at the legendary Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

Andalusian Dreams: A Journey Through Spain's Southern Jewel

Let us guide you through the alluring beauty of Andalusia, Spain's captivating southern region. Join Solana as she narrates an enthralling expedition, unveiling the magnetic allure of Sevilla, Tarifa, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Ronda, and the White Villages. This riveting account captures the spirit of adventure, intertwining cultural immersion and raw personal growth within a vibrant tapestry of memories and poignant insights, igniting the desire for authentic exploration in the hearts of women who yearn for a truly transformative escapade.