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Sample Before You Splurge

How Subscription Boxes Let You Try Luxury on for Size

Splurging then regretting? So over it. Subscription boxes are revolutionizing the way we experience high-end fragrance, beauty products and fashion wear without maxing out your credit card. Inside this article, discover the various beauty & fashion subscription services that let you experiment with luxury goods on a budget. The days of buyer's remorse are over!

Perfume Subscription Services

For perfume lovers, fragrance subscriptions like Scentbird and Scentbox let you choose a designer scent to test out each month. This flexibility allows you to sample different perfumes before committing to a full-sized splurge. The subscriptions feature coveted scents from prestige brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, YSL, and Creed. Plans start at just £8/month - perfect for any budget. Best part? You save big by avoiding the risk of dropping hundreds on a fragrance you end up hating.

Scentbox subscription plans start from £8

Makeup & Skincare Test Drives

For makeup junkies, subscriptions like Glossybox, Birchbox, and Sephora’s Beauty Box deliver mini lipsticks, eyeshadows, serums and more to test out. Discover new products from coveted brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown and PIXI. Plans start at just £11 for over £75+ worth of products - an incredible value!

If skincare is more your speed, services like Facetory and Lengbox send Korean beauty samples to help find what best suits your skin type and concerns. Facetory & Lengbox plans begin at £30/month.

Sephora Beauty Box subscription plans start from £11.95

Lengbox subscription plans start from £30

Sample the latest in Luxury RTW & Accessories

Subscription rental services like The Devout provide members access to a rotating closet of designer apparel and accessories. Each month you can choose items to rent from coveted brands like Alexander McQueen, Love Moschino and Ralph Lauren. This allows you to take new outfits, shoes, jewelry and more for a test drive before investing in purchasing them.

Handbag rental services like Cocoon are a budget fashionista's dream. Stay on trend and rent coveted handbags from top designers. Wear pieces from Chloe, Burberry, Gucci and more without having to commit for life. The flexibility to return rentals and swap new items each month makes high fashion accessible as well as sustainable.

The Devout subscription plans start from £39

Cocoon subscription plans start from £79

The bottom line is, subscription sampling services mean less buyer's regret and more luxury experience. They allow you to experiment with the latest luxury product drops before fully committing. So go ahead - indulge in a little luxury this month.

P.S. Subscription boxes offer a low-risk way to treat yourself to coveted luxury brands each month. Go ahead - indulge your inner fashionista without buyer's remorse. Ditch maximalism and experience the latest must-have releases through rental and trial services. You deserve it!


May Nguyen, a London-born writer with Vietnamese heritage, is a passionate lifestyle blogger. With an insatiable love for travel, food and exploring new cultures, May’s writing is influenced by diverse experiences. Fearlessly sharing her journey with ADHD and Complex Trauma, she promotes understanding and support for neurodiverse and mental health conditions. As a hamster enthusiast, May advocates for proper pet care, ensuring well-being and happiness of these beloved pets.

May’s vibrant personality shines through her engaging writing style, inviting readers on an enriching journey of luxury experiences, mental well-being, and female empowerment. Her words inspire empathy and foster a more inclusive world alongside urging readers to indulge in the finer things in life.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, May combines her lover for animals and her entrepreneurial spirit. With a vision to own a pet supply business in the future alongside freelancing as a virtual assistant, she aims to provide quality products for pet owners, blending her passion for animal welfare with her drive to success.

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