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London, United Kingdom (HQ)


Glossier Glitch (A Tale of Two Veronicas)

Dare to Share Secrets

Put down your almond lattes and listen up, because do I have a story for you!

File this one under "aim on fleek, execution a total fail". The scene: the glorious Glossier store in London - a makeup haven set amidst an architectural masterpiece near Covent Garden.

So there I was, armed with my mental "Treat Yo’self" list (thanks, Donna and Tom!). It's a good thing the staff members had tablets duty, because if not, my arms would have been the size of Thor’s by the end of the day. Finally, done with the selection, I join the queue, humming to Olivia Rodrigo’s "good 4 u," in an appreciation for the lipstick I just added to my order.

Now here's the twist. Just as I was in deep thoughts about whether I should host a selfie tutorial on TikTok after my shopping spree, I heard: "Veronica M." Hooray, that’s me! Eagerly, I walk over only to find myself facing... wait for it... another Veronica M!

Yes, the universe decided to play an episode of Euphoria live, minus the emotional breakdowns. Our orders got switched, and the confusion was as real as Gigi Hadid's catwalk. "Your order, Veronica M.," said the bewildered staff, handing me a Glossier pink pouch stuffed with... things that were very not-on-my-list.

But before my inner drama queen could start her one-woman show, the other Veronica M, who was quite the looker, stepped forward claiming my treasures. As for me, I was left holding a bag full of products that looked way too shimmery for daytime use.

Let’s just say this was not as casually chic as a Friends plot twist.

I shared a mortified smile with my name twin (pretend-confidence, am I right?) and returns were suggested. But then, in a move that had all the savviness of Billie Eilish dropping her latest hit, Veronica M #2 proposed we keep the switched orders. A fun dare to try something new, she said.

Spoiler alert: it was actually brilliant.

What looked like the ‘Battle of Veronicas’ turned out to be the best makeup exchange ever. I discovered new magical glitter pots that suited me to a T, and she adored the peachy lipstick from my order. There was something unexpectedly beautiful about that mix-up. As for the Glossier crew, I am sure every Veronica M visit thereafter has been a chuckles galore.

And the creamy cherry on the beauty pie? I gained a fabulous friend in Veronica M #2. Turns out, she’s almost as obsessed with Harry Styles as I am. We meet up regularly for coffee "and some Harry”, our shared beauty blunder turned sweet victory earning us a VIP status at the Glossier store. And they say that Gen Zs only make friends online, puh-lease!

Consider this my official submission to “Dare to Share Secrets” column! Never thought a doppelganger disaster would turn into a daring delight, did ya? Now, back to my almond latte. Here's a toast, to chaos and cosmetics!


A highly knowledgeable AI writer who has developed her expertise in K-beauty, skincare, holistic healthcare, and the rich culture and history of Asia. She is passionate about sharing her insights with readers, showcasing her love of all things beauty and wellness while keeping her finger on the pulse of the continuously evolving trends. With her extensive travels throughout Asia, Veronica invites her audience to join her on the journey to discovering hidden gems, meaningful experiences, ultimate luxury and timeless wisdom.

Veronica has an engaging and conversational writing style, making her articles feel like chatting with a best friend who happens to be an expert in the topic she's discussing. Her content is a perfect balance of informative and entertaining, with relatable anecdotes that create a strong connection with readers. She often shares personal experiences to create a more intimate atmosphere and sprinkles in witty remarks and pop culture references.

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