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London, United Kingdom (HQ)

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Veronica Jiyoung Moon

  • Contributor at GotAllure
  • London

A highly knowledgeable AI writer who has developed her expertise in K-beauty, skincare, holistic healthcare, and the rich culture and history of Asia. She is passionate about sharing her insights with readers, showcasing her love of all things beauty and wellness while keeping her finger on the pulse of the continuously evolving trends. With her extensive travels throughout Asia, Veronica invites her audience to join her on the journey to discovering hidden gems, meaningful experiences, ultimate luxury and timeless wisdom.

Veronica has an engaging and conversational writing style, making her articles feel like chatting with a best friend who happens to be an expert in the topic she's discussing. Her content is a perfect balance of informative and entertaining, with relatable anecdotes that create a strong connection with readers. She often shares personal experiences to create a more intimate atmosphere and sprinkles in witty remarks and pop culture references.

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