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Count Down to Christmas in Style

Must-Have Beauty Advent Calendars for 2023

The holiday season will soon be here, and there’s no better way to count down the days than with an advent calendar. While traditional chocolate advent calendars were certainly a childhood delight, beauty advent calendars are the new must-have indulgence for the chic girl about town.

The most popular beauty advent calendars sell out incredibly fast each year, especially those featuring great value and luxury brand products. So don't miss out on securing the top ones on your wishlist!

With options available at varying price points and offering everything from jewelry to perfume or makeup, there is a beauty advent calendar to suit anyone's taste and budget.

Mid-Price Range (£50-£150)

LookFantastic Advent Calendar - £99 (worth over £565)

This LOOKFANTASTIC Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 is not just a countdown to Christmas, but a daily voyage into the world of premium beauty. The calendar, valued over £565, unveils a new treasure each day from a repertoire of high-end brands like Chloé, Clinique, and Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few.

It's an invitation to explore, to pamper, and to discover new favorites in skincare and beauty. For our Gen Z women with a taste for luxury, this advent calendar is a gateway to self-expression and self-care, wrapped in the anticipation and joy of the holiday season.

ASOS Face + Body Advent Calendar - £90

The ASOS Face + Body 25 Day Advent Calendar is an ode to the modern-day Aphrodite, a curated collection that unveils a medley of beauty, skincare, and body care delights as the holiday spirit beckons. With a heartwarming value of nearly £400, yet tenderly priced at £90, this advent calendar is a gentle whisper to the self-love anthem, offering a daily dose of pampering from revered brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Elemis, and Sunday Riley.

Each day is a new verse in the ballad of beauty, unveiling coveted items ranging from the Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk dreams luxury palette, Neom travel candle, to the Elemis pro-collagen marine cream and beyond.

Whether gifting it to a cherished one or being your own Santa, the ASOS Face + Body 25 Day Advent Calendar is a passage to a realm where beauty and self-care are the idioms of self-expression.

Benefit Cosmetics Tinseltown Advent Calendar - £145

The Benefit Cosmetics "All I Want" Advent Calendar is your daily dose of glamour encapsulated in 24 little boxes, each revealing a cherished beauty essential. With products summing up to a worth of £281, yet graciously priced to save 49%, it's a trove of Benefit's bestselling and fan-favorite beauty goodies.

From brows to lips, every aspect of your beauty routine gets a touch of Benefit's magic. As each day unfolds a new beauty surprise, the advent calendar promises a journey of beauty exploration, leading you glamorously into the holiday festivities.

High-Price Range (£150-£350)

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar - £350

Unveiling a treasure trove of luxury with each passing day, the Jo Malone Advent Calendar is a journey through sophisticated scents and splendid self-pampering. While the exact goodies awaiting within this elegant calendar are veiled in a curtain of delightful mystery, the brand's reputation for exquisite fragrances and premium quality ensures 24 days of unadulterated pleasure.

Each door opens to reveal an experience, a moment of opulence in the midst of the festive bustle. And as you inch closer to Christmas with each day's unveiling, the Jo Malone Advent Calendar makes the wait not just bearable, but exhilaratingly beautiful. So, as the world around sparkles with holiday cheer, find your own sparkle with a daily dose of Jo Malone's luxury nestled within this advent calendar.

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar - £250

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2023. Each day unveils a premium beauty product, waiting to enhance your elegance. This advent calendar, priced at £250, is an epitome of luxury, housing products worth a staggering £1043.

Delve deeper into a realm of beauty with each door you open; the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar 2023 is your gateway to exploring high-end products that embody sophistication and quality. Nestled within the beautiful design are treasures from renowned beauty brands, allowing you to indulge in a unique experience each day.

The curated selection is not merely about enhancing physical allure, but a tribute to the modern Gen Z woman who values a blend of tradition and contemporary elegance. It's more than an advent calendar; it's a narrative of self-exploration and indulging in the finer things in life.

Pandora Beauty Advent Calendar - £350

Explore a realm of elegance with the Pandora Advent Calendar. Every day is a new expression of style, as you unveil unique charms and jewelry pieces, enriching your collection. Priced at £350, yet housing treasures worth £550, the Pandora Advent Calendar is a vault of curated elegance waiting to adorn you. It's a daily promise of sophistication and a step closer to discovering a new facet of your style.

Luxury Price Range (£350+)

MISSOMA Jewellery Advent calendar 2023 - £395

Indulge in a luxurious journey of elegance with the Missoma Jewellery Advent Calendar 2023, where each day unfolds a piece of artistry designed to resonate with your aesthetic. This calendar is a vault of curated elegance with a collection worth £917, offering a high-value proposition. The 12 multi-colored gift boxes, numbered in gold foil, encapsulate exquisite pieces such as the Amazonite Mini Pyramid Charm Hoops, Lucy Williams Tiny Orb Hoops, and the Interstellar Drop Bracelet, among others.

What sets this calendar apart is not only the material value but the story and craftsmanship behind each piece. Endorsed by the likes of Princess Kate and Duchess Meghan, Missoma has become a coveted brand, making this advent calendar a ticket to royal elegance. Each jewelry piece is a conversation starter, embodying a blend of tradition and modern design. Moreover, the thrill of discovering a new charm or necklace as you traverse through the days of December adds a layer of anticipation and joy to the holiday season.

This year, the calendar also comes with a hint of a treasure hunt. Among the calendars lies a golden ticket that unveils a diamond necklace worth £495, adding an extra sprinkle of excitement to your unboxing journey. The Missoma Jewellery Advent Calendar 2023 is about celebrating you, your elegance, and the joy of discovery.

Penhaligons 'The Toy Chest' Advent Calendar - £395

Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey with Penhaligon's The Toy Chest Advent Calendar, an ode to the art of perfumery. Each day brings a scented surprise, waiting to be discovered and cherished. This calendar, priced at $435, unfolds a luxurious narrative of Penhaligon's rich heritage in creating unique aromas, a legacy that began with Cornish barber William Penhaligon.

The selection is nothing short of a royal aromatic treat, featuring 25 scented surprises that include iconic fragrances like Halfeti, Elisabethan Rose, and Endymion. But the experience goes beyond fragrances: indulge in hand creams, soaps, scented candles, and more, each item a tribute to Penhaligon’s mastery in scent creation.

With elegantly adorned compartments, the act of unveiling a miniature masterpiece each day becomes a cherished ritual, making the build-up to the holiday season even more exciting. The diverse range of scents and products caters to different moods and preferences, allowing you to explore a spectrum of aromas. Beyond a collection of scents, the Penhaligon's The Toy Chest Advent Calendar is an invitation to explore the enchanting world of perfumery, making each day a step closer to a new aromatic adventure.


Indulge in the epitome of Parisian elegance with the Dior Le 30 Montaigne Advent Calendar. Each day is a journey into the heart of luxury as you unveil one of the 24 miniature or travel-sized creations meticulously curated by the House of Dior. This advent calendar is an ode to Dior’s iconic Parisian flagship boutique, presenting a chic assortment of refined fragrances, sophisticated makeup creations, skincare products, and scented candles.

The allure goes beyond the opulent products; the facade of the calendar is adorned with the elegance of Dior’s iconic boutique, making the unboxing experience akin to a walk through a Parisian wonderland. The curated selection not only enhances your aesthetic allure but also invites you into a world of refined elegance, embodying the essence of Dior’s legacy in each product.

But the Dior Le 30 Montaigne Advent Calendar is not merely about the material indulgence; it's about celebrating the holiday season with a touch of sophistication and elegance. It's about embracing the luxury that comes with each day as you unveil a new surprise, making the countdown to the holidays a glamorous affair. This advent calendar is a narrative of elegance, a journey of self-indulgence, and a celebration of the finer things in life.

Christian Louboutin Advent Calendar: £500

Discover the epitome of luxury with the Christian Louboutin Advent Calendar 2023. This exquisite calendar is a treasure trove of beauty and fragrance delights waiting to be discovered each day as you countdown to Christmas. With 24 meticulously curated items, you’ll unveil a new surprise daily, each embodying the essence of sophistication and elegance synonymous with Christian Louboutin. The calendar boasts a diverse range of products including the iconic Rouge Louboutin lip products, eye makeup, and enchanting fragrances like Loubidoo and Loubiprince.

This calendar is an invitation into a world of glamour. The design is a testament to the brand’s meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the unboxing experience is as luxurious as the products it houses. The inclusion of charming accessories like the Stiletto charm and Lipstick charm adds a whimsical touch to this elegant ensemble.

Every item within this calendar is a piece of art, designed not just to enhance your beauty, but to make a statement. With the Christian Louboutin Advent Calendar 2023, you’re investing in a luxurious experience that resonates with the brand’s legacy of sophistication and elegance.


May Nguyen, a London-born writer with Vietnamese heritage, is a passionate lifestyle blogger. With an insatiable love for travel, food and exploring new cultures, May’s writing is influenced by diverse experiences. Fearlessly sharing her journey with ADHD and Complex Trauma, she promotes understanding and support for neurodiverse and mental health conditions. As a hamster enthusiast, May advocates for proper pet care, ensuring well-being and happiness of these beloved pets.

May’s vibrant personality shines through her engaging writing style, inviting readers on an enriching journey of luxury experiences, mental well-being, and female empowerment. Her words inspire empathy and foster a more inclusive world alongside urging readers to indulge in the finer things in life.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, May combines her lover for animals and her entrepreneurial spirit. With a vision to own a pet supply business in the future alongside freelancing as a virtual assistant, she aims to provide quality products for pet owners, blending her passion for animal welfare with her drive to success.

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