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London, United Kingdom (HQ)


Live Luxe Like Natalie

Cloud Architect Shares Her Glam Picks

The team here at GotAllure were lucky enough to have a chance to sit down and chat to Natalie Godec, an accomplished senior cloud architect. In the interview we touched upon her career, passions and luxurious lifestyle.

Below is a list of fav picks from Natalie in all things fashion, luxury and lifestyle.


Although Natalie is mostly a big fan of Korean Skin care (aren’t we all) she has shared two European companies with us that she just can’t get enough of.


Noei creates custom formula solutions that suit your skin care and cleansing needs. Nat regularly uses spf 30 sunscreen from here which has been specially formulated to suit her skin type limiting breakouts and unwanted shine.

Noei has a wide variety of skincare products to offer, ranging from sun protection to moisturizers and cleansers which are all vegan and cruelty free starting from £15. And to top it all off Noei is a certified B corp business which makes your purchase 100% guilt free!


Another brand which creates custom skin care as well as custom active formulas to target common skin concerns such as anti-aging, hyperpigmentation and rosacea is Skin+Me. Natalie uses hers in the Daily Doser, a special bottle that dispenses the perfect amount each time so that no product will be wasted. The active ingredient formula has all the good things you can expect such as tretinoin, ceramides and azelaic acid (the ingredients will be different for everyone depending on needs) and Natalie uses this every night before layering on top with a hydrating moisturizer of choice.

Sustainability is a big theme here and Skin+Me do not disappoint! The daily doser is specially packaged so it dispenses just the right amount of product needed and as a bonus it is made out of 2 parts recyclable aluminum and only 1 parts plastic, most dispenser bottles use up to 6 types of plastic and a steel string which cannot be recycled. You can read more about what they are doing for the environment here.


No girl is complete without her signature scent! Natalie loves Rose de Shiraz from Rituals, her word for this fragrance is "addictive" so it must be something special! It does look like most known stockists are waiting for this product to come back but you can still buy it on Amazon.

For those days where she just needs to feel powerful and on top of the world Natalie swears by Costa Azzura by Tom Ford. With notes of cypress oil, oakwood extract and salty amber encased in an eye-catching glamorous gold bottle it is easy to see how bold this fragrance is!


Now, every time I see Natalie I am always envious of her collection of cute bags! From backpacks to bucket bags, satchels to tote bags the girl has them all! Here are some of her favorite brands to shop from.

Luxury brand: Dior

Unless you've been living under a rock all of your life you will have most definitely heard of Dior, a luxury brand that is known worldwide and produces some of the best in high-end fashion. With multiple big name celebrity endorsements such as Charlize Theron and Anya-Taylor Jones this powerhouse isn’t stopping any time soon. Of course, with the name comes the cost. This bag is £6,400 alone. But when it looks as pretty as that, how can you say no?

Mini Lady Dior Bag

MINI LADY DIOR BAG - Metallic Calfskin and Satin with Celestial Blue Bead Embroidery

British brand : Strathberry

Strathberry was founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife team Guy and Leeanne Hundleby. Defined by elegant and understated lines and exceptional attention to detail, the Strathberry aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, complemented by the signature bar closure which makes each Strathberry handbag instantly recognisable.

Ukrainian brand: Lona Prist

Ukrainian brand: Lona Prist was founded in 2018 by Alona Prist and the goal of the brand is to rethink traditional art forms and make them wearable. You will see that many pieces in the collections are adorned by a black square which is also the brand logo and was inspired by Malevich's "Black Square" painting.

Natalie mentions that the Nicole Bag especially has been receiving a lot of positive attention when she is out and about, even from those not into fashion!

Nicole Bag by Lona Prist €1,100.00 on the website.


Manole Souliers : They have a store in Harrods as well where you can try them out. Also available through stockists like FarFetch. Prices start from £350 to £1150


May Nguyen, a London-born writer with Vietnamese heritage, is a passionate lifestyle blogger. With an insatiable love for travel, food and exploring new cultures, May’s writing is influenced by diverse experiences. Fearlessly sharing her journey with ADHD and Complex Trauma, she promotes understanding and support for neurodiverse and mental health conditions. As a hamster enthusiast, May advocates for proper pet care, ensuring well-being and happiness of these beloved pets.

May’s vibrant personality shines through her engaging writing style, inviting readers on an enriching journey of luxury experiences, mental well-being, and female empowerment. Her words inspire empathy and foster a more inclusive world alongside urging readers to indulge in the finer things in life.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, May combines her lover for animals and her entrepreneurial spirit. With a vision to own a pet supply business in the future alongside freelancing as a virtual assistant, she aims to provide quality products for pet owners, blending her passion for animal welfare with her drive to success.

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